No Experience, No Problem?

Most landscapers have a lot of competition that they’re up against – you don’t need me to tell you that!

These days, it seems like anyone can buy some equipment and call themselves a “landscaper” – even if they don’t have any experience!

That’s why it’s so important that you separate yourself from the competition – you have to stand out from the crowd and give your clients a good reason to choose you instead of the competition. 

In the marketing world, we call this “positioning” and it’s an important part of building your brand. But in plain English, I’m just talking about finding a way to stand out from your competition and building a reputation that positions you above the other options in your town or city. 

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say a new, upper-income family moves into your city. They just bought a new house and they need landscaping and maintenance help. They’re not looking for the cheapest landscaper, they’re looking for one of the best in town. Someone they can really trust – and they’re willing to pay a bit more to work with that company. 

But they don’t know anyone in town yet. 

So they visit Google and search for landscapers. 

Imagine that your ad shows up on Google… along with 3-4 of your competitors. But your ad is different – because instead of just a simple link to a boring website, you’ve got a handful of 5-star reviews, you’re listed on the Map results as well, and your website is loaded with photos, video, and testimonials from happy clients. 

Who do you think the new family is going to hire?

They’re going to choose you, 100% of the time, because you’ve built a strong digital presence which separates you from the competition and positions you “a step above” the other options.

The Power of Positioning

You make your business more attractive to potential customers, and in turn, you attract the customers who are looking to work with the best. 

Your digital presence is an important part of this strategy – because these days when someone is looking for a landscaper, they’re going to Google. So it’s important that your search listings, your map results, and your website all position you as the “market leader” in your town. 

We can help you make this happen – please contact us today if you’d like to learn more!

About the author;

Phil Fisk

Phil Fisk has written over 1,000 digital marketing articles and blogs since 2007 and has helped more than 500 small businesses grow their business online. He works exclusively with small businesses who are serious and excited about investing in the growth of their business.

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