Many landscaping businesses go out of business every year. If you want to avoid becoming one of these unfortunate statistics, then you need to be aware of one of the biggest mistakes landscapers make – Underbidding Projects.

I’ll explain.

What Causes Us to Underbid?

If your landscaping business is new and you have no projects under your belt to show off, you might feel compelled to underbid projects just to gain some experience and get a few projects in your portfolio. I get it, even as a digital marketer, I had underbid web development projects simply because I didn’t feel I had the experience or expertise to charge top dollar.

The problem was, it took me way too long to start raising my prices and charging what my services were worth. It wasn’t long before I was struggling to make payroll, my lower price didn’t allow for unexpected expenses, I sometimes didn’t have enough money at the end of the month to pay myself, and at times I was just a month away from going out of business.

When we underbid our projects, there is typically just one winner, the client. In business, it must be a win-win situation, for both those we serve and ourselves. Otherwise, it’s just called charity, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

So how do we quickly move away from feeling the need to underbid a project, to charging what we’re worth so we can build a profitable business?

Ask Yourself, Are You a “Me Too” Business?

What is a “me too” business? This is simply a business that offers the same services at competitive rates with no distinguishing benefits over its competitors. If you were in a room filled with other landscaping companies and someone got up and asked, “who here could help me with a landscaping project in my front yard?” Nearly everyone in the room might raise their hand and say, “me too!”.

While it’s ok to take on general projects, you may want to consider focusing your efforts on specializing in one thing. For example,’s tagline is “We offer the designing and installing of colorful xeriscape landscapes and grass/turf landscaping for valley homeowners associations”.

Consider finding one “in-demand” need or one “in-demand” industry (such as HOA’s) in your region that you can become the go-to landscaper for. Your specialty could be as simple as, “weed free lawn specialists in City Name here”. Just find that one thing and build your marketing and advertising efforts around that one thing.

How Specializing Can Allow You to Raise Your Prices

Would you allow your family physician to perform brain surgery on you or one of your family members? Probably not. If you need brain surgery, you’d likely go to a brain surgeon, right?

That example might be a little extreme, but the point is, that the brain surgeon is being paid a lot more money than a general physician. This is because they specialize. And the best clients out there want someone that specializes in the services they are looking for. They are willing to pay top dollar because they know they are getting the best.

Again, you can take on any project your heart desires, but building your brand around one specialty will set you apart from all of the others in your area. You will no longer be a “me too” business and underbidding just for the sake of generating cash flow to make payroll, will be a thing of the past for your business.

Now that you’ve decided what that one thing is, consider the benefits of these individual tactics moving forward.

Elevating Your Web Presence

Every company has a website. Instead, you need a website with great design and a focus on lead generation. Your website needs to be attractive and full of meaningful content with high-quality pictures and testimonials from past clients. Your website should also focus on appealing to search engines. Local search engine optimization allows you to increase your website rankings with search engines. This means that when people search for landscapers in your local area, your website pops up as one of the first options. In other words, this is your way to attract new clients.

Building Your Online Reputation

You may want to think that your reputation speaks for itself through the quality of your work, but that is a limited view that does not embrace the way modern clients look for landscapers. You have to manage your digital reputation. Remember, clients have a lot of options when it comes to landscaping. If you have not cultivated a meaningful online brand, then you are failing to engage consumers. Your branding needs to create a lasting impression that attracts new customers and retains current clients. By managing your reputation, you can maintain your place in the market for years of ongoing success.

Strength Through Advertising

When it comes to Google’s search engine results, there are three potential areas your business could be present – Google Ads, Google Maps and Google Organics. When customers are looking for the best, they often look to see how prominent your business presence is. If you’re appearing three times on the search engine results page, that’s a sure sign you’re a business that means business.

Think of the search engine results page as real estate. The more places you can take up, the stronger your position.

So even if you’ve successfully pushed your business to the top of Google Maps and Organics through SEO, consider investing just a bit more in Google Pay Per Click advertising to capture that one extra position in Google.

Let’s not leave out Facebook advertising – Buying ads on Facebook and other social media platforms can be a great way to seamlessly reach clients. People rely heavily on social media. By putting your name and contact information on a platform that people use for business and recreation, you are maximizing your reach with your audience. They say it takes 10-15 impressions of your business before someone will take action, Facebook is probably the most cost-effective way of doing just that.

Educate Through Marketing Automation

What is marketing automation you might ask? – If growing and scaling your landscaping business is part of the plan, you’ll want to consider implementing a marketing automation strategy. Basically, instead of going door to door handing out flyers and cold calling clients, you can set up an online lead generation strategy that captures contact information from potential customers and continues to nurture them until they become paying customers.

By using this method to educate potential customers about your services, you have the opportunity to prove your value over time, allowing you to justify your premium fees.

This is a more advanced way of gaining new high-value customers, but it is highly effective and will put your business on a sure path for growth.

Get Started with Professional Support Today

If the things I have just talked about sound daunting, then do not be discouraged. Your job is landscaping. No one expects you to be skilled in online marketing as well. That is why there are services from Leadscape to help you out. Leadscape focuses on digital marketing solutions within the landscaping industry. Our innovative solutions can help your business establish and grow an online presence. With competitive pricing and versatile packages, we can create a solution that fits your budget and your goals. Contact Leadscape today to get started.

About the author;

Phil Fisk

Phil Fisk has written over 1,000 digital marketing articles and blogs since 2007 and has helped more than 500 small businesses grow their business online. He works exclusively with small businesses who are serious and excited about investing in the growth of their business.

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