When I talk to a successful landscaper, I’m always interested in the issues they faced while growing a local landscaping business. There’s no better way for me to improve our offerings at Leadscape than to craft digital marketing solutions that directly address our customers’ most pressing pain points. Over the years, my conversations with retired and active landscape professionals always reveal some common hurdles that every landscaper faces when they tackle the issue of sustained business growth.

Here are three top challenges to growth for landscape business owners and strategies that can help them overcome those obstacles.

#1 Attracting the Right Employees for Your Business

As a long-time landscape enthusiast, I get a kick out of hearing natural healers rave about the benefits of things like dandelion root and plantain leaves. Evidently, one man’s weed is another man’s meal. The same is true for employees. A person who is a star performer at one landscaping business may not do as well at another company. A major reason for this difference in employee motivation and behavior is company culture.

While a landscaper may initially join a company to pay his or her bills, many landscape workers want to grow professionally with a company that shares their personal values. If the company culture and the worker’s values clash, the worker will eventually find employment elsewhere.

Savvy landscape business owners define company core values up front, and they take a top-down approach to promote them. The goal is to create a culture that shows the company’s core values in every aspect of the firm’s operations.

How can a digital marketing agency help with attracting the right employees?

A professionally developed website can reflect the quality of the brand and allow landscapers to provide a visual of the company’s style and its core values as well as its mission and vision statements.

A poorly designed or outdated website could give the initial impression to potential employees (not to mention potential clients), that the company itself does not take its own brand seriously.

Properly designed websites give owners an avenue to express the company’s culture to site visitors right away. Employees who are passionate about the way that a company does landscaping will want jobs at that firm, and they’ll tell their friends about the place. Landscape owners who use their company websites in this way quickly build high-performing teams that are needed for business growth.

#2 Increasing Profits

According to a Forbes article, nine out of 10 start-ups fail. Landscape business owners who survive and make profits from their ventures are to be congratulated. These entrepreneurs deliver a service that property owners value, and they know their local markets. However, most landscapers find it difficult to know how and when to expand their operations to increase profits.

Owners who make a nice sum landscaping on their own make less when they increase expenses to grow their operations. It often doesn’t take long before they find themselves working longer hours and taking on more responsibility while making the same amount (or less) of income they did when they were on their own.

So how can a digital marketing agency help landscapers maintain or increase their profits as they scale?

Simple, digital marketing is measurable. With metrics and insights available through digital channels, it’s easy to see if you’re spending $1 to make $10, or vice versa 🙁

Online advertising coupled with high performing landing pages, allow you to target very specific audiences. You can easily track what it’s costing you to acquire a new client allowing you to quickly scale your business.

#3 Feeling Overwhelmed

After doing a wonderful job of getting and keeping loyal clients, some landscape company owners still haven’t reached their personal goals as entrepreneurs. These landscapers labor with workers on site to make sure that every project gets completed according to its specifications. They’re also fully involved with support operations such as negotiating with suppliers, sending out invoices, not to mention marketing and accounting tasks. They feel completely overwhelmed as their customer base expands. To realize long-term success, they must make some changes.

Delegate & Trust – When it comes to producing top quality results for your clients, we must put high standards into practice for every project and trust in our teams to meet those standards. Getting help from high-performing team members and trusting them to meet those standards is a must to make each project shine and reduce your workload.

How can a digital marketing agency help with reducing your workload?

Every business must take a proactive approach with marketing their business. Even if we depend on referrals, we still must have a consistent flow of leads coming into our sales funnel on a consistent basis.

One of the best ways to do this is to use your website for capturing the contact information of those that visit your website. This could be in giving away a free “how-to” guide in exchange for their name and email. But of course, this doesn’t always mean they’ll become a client just because you gave them a useful guide. Now that you have their contact information, you can use marketing automation to educate and nurture those leads until they choose to become clients.

Digital marketing automation tools take customer relationship management to a whole new level. The latest tools allow landscapers to send consistent marketing messages to clients and prospects over different channels with just a few clicks. Marketing automation platforms use artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to engage customers. By using these platforms, owners automate repetitive tasks and are free to work on more complex activities.

In Conclusion

Landscapers don’t develop successful lawn and garden companies in a vacuum. They need a team of dedicated landscape professionals who share their vision to achieve strategic company goals. It’s very difficult to build a dream team of landscapers, increase profits, and grow smartly without a solid online presence. Leadscape specializes in website development and digital marketing for landscaping companies. Contact our marketing experts today to plan out a custom growth strategy for your landscaping business.

About the author;

Phil Fisk

Phil Fisk has written over 1,000 digital marketing articles and blogs since 2007 and has helped more than 500 small businesses grow their business online. He works exclusively with small businesses who are serious and excited about investing in the growth of their business.

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